Marc Greenstein

President & Lead Instructor

Marc Greenstein is a retired Police Sergeant and 28-year veteran of the Miramar (FL) Police Department. Marc dedicated his career to educating citizens and business owners on crime prevention and safety practices throughout his assignments as a Patrol Officer, Community Police Officer and School Resource Officer. Marc spent 17 years assigned to various public schools ensuring the safety of students and educators during real-life survival situations.

Marc has extensive experience training others in active killer prevention, survival, and response. Marc is the President and Lead Instructor of Sheepdog Consulting Group, a company that trains business personnel and school staff to recognize, prevent and survive active killer events. He has a black belt in both Judo and Jujitsu and continues to use his skills to teach rape prevention classes.

John Savaiko


John Savaiko is a retired Police Major with over 30 years of service. John has held a variety assignments throughout his career including patrol, traffic homicide, criminal investigations and training. In addition to his law enforcement duties, John also served as a governmental security director overseeing access control, employee/visitor safety and security for multiple facilities in excess of 500,000 square feet.

John is a certified SWAT Commander, firearms instructor and high-liability instructor. He has also been designeated as a court-certified law enforcement expert witness.